• Ce maillot de bain Outdoor Voices m'a finalement fait nager

    Ce maillot de bain Outdoor Voices m'a finalement fait nager

    I’m ashamed that it took me until August to get to my neighborhood pool for lap swimming. In my defense: New York City doesn’t even open its pools until July. Also in my defense: you’re not allowed in unless you show a lifeguard that you brought a lock. And I couldn’t remember the combination to mine. 

    This week, two things finally motivated me to buy a new lock and set an alarm for early bird swim hours: a cycling-related strain in my knee, and a sporty new bathing suit. The suit is from Outdoor Voices; the brand that brought us athletic color-blocking introduced a small swimwear line earlier this summer, and sent me a two-piece set, gratis, to try. Mine came in a Yves Klein blue, with a scooped neck-and-back top and high-waisted, high-cut bottoms. It’s athletic, but not in an O-shape racerback Speedo way. 

    But the true test of good workout apparel isn’t how it looks. It’s how it feels. And this suit feels pretty divine. It slides easily on — no wriggling in — and stays snugly in place without any elastic digging into my shoulders or hips. I’ve swam in a handful of Nike two-piece suits (and a city-issued lifeguard onesie) over the years (I prefer two-piece sets for laps because you’re more agile when there’s less fabric), and as with anything Nike makes, those suits are great. The Outdoor Voices suit feels just as great. But, crucially, I don’t look quite like a member of the swim team when I wear it — I’d even wear the top out with high-waisted pants, were I at a bar near the beach or something. And it comes with some minuscule but attractive details, like wide stitches and elastic on the rib cage of the Glide top that slightly resemble European lingerie, and make the top feel like a reassuring embrace. 

    Ce maillot de bain Outdoor Voices m'a finalement fait nager

    Haut de plongée


    Lorsque vous nagez, vous devez suspendre la réalité. Cela fait partie de la raison pour laquelle vous y allez, ou du moins pourquoi je pars: si vous êtes submergé dans une eau bleue fraîche, en comptant les coups et les respirations, le reste du monde - vaisselle sale, courriels, merci envoyé - n'existe pas. Mais cela n'est possible que lorsque votre équipement fonctionne. Des lunettes et des maillots de bain qui glissent dans l'eau vous ramènent à la réalité. Mais obtenez le bon équipement, et vous pouvez glisser dans un autre plan de réalité. Au moins jusqu'à ce que vos poumons soient dépensés. Je le recommande fortement.

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